Who are you?

FixtureFixer is a free platform for organising fixtures against opposition in the UK and abroad. We are a Groupia.uk platform meaning we’re part of a much bigger UK group events company with the experience of over 500,000 clients in 14 years, visiting over 20 countries on tens of thousands of events.

Why are you free?

Because we want you to have a really great fixture organising platform that means teams have even more sporting experiences. The FixtureFixer site also allows us to occasionally showcase our other platforms you could be interested in such as StagWeb.co.uk & TeamsonTour.com.

How do I add a team?

Easy, just head to this page – (Add a Team) & follow the instructions.

Create an account now.

How do I contact a team?

Fixing simple! First seek them out using the search form on the homepage. You can search by sport and or location. Once you’ve got the search results, find the team/s you’re interested in and approach them. After that you’re on your way and any further correspondence is between your teams as we’re no longer involved own.

What should I do if I don’t get a response from a team?

If you’ve tried and it’s not getting nowhere then the best and quickest thing to do is start again with another team. You can also send us a removal suggestion in this form… removal@fixturefixer.com.

How do I cancel a fixture?

If this happens after you’ve started correspondence with your opposite number and or chosen club. So you’ll need to follow up directly, we can’t and won’t cancel a fixture for you.

How do I remove a listing?

Simples, just send a quick email with confirmation that you’re the account holder and your reasons for removal to removal@fixturefixer.com. You’ll receive an email 48 hours later which you’ll need to validate for removal thereafter.


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How do I arrange a sports tour?

Fixing easy! We’ll defer to the experts at TeamsOnTour for this one, just hit this link for great tips. You can even get them to put a quote together for you.

What kit should we take?

Respectfully you should definitely aim for a full kit. Just make sure everyone’s got the basics (including the right footwear). If in doubt ask your opposition. If you need to get kit sorted there are loads of places online and some of the kits are fantastic value. Why not check out KitKing to start with.

What about insurance?

Nice thinking Coach. If you’re arranging a club fixture and the club doesn’t yet have it then it’s 100% worth getting. Absolutely essential for international events. Some of the team may have their own personal insurance and if you don’t they should probably get it for any kind of touring, from stag weekends to sports.

If you’re not sure you could start an internet search for “team sport insurance” and you’ll find loads, e.g. Bluefin Sport InsuranceSports GuardInsure 4 Sport. By the way we have no affiliations with these sites and have not used their services ourselves. If in doubt why not get in touch with the ABI (Association of British Insurer’s here).

Any extra tips for international fixtures?

There are loads and nobody starts the planning considerations better than our close buddies over at StagWeb, so have a look at their international planning tips here and it’ll get you started. But if nothing else definitely make sure everybody has valid passports and the right insurance.

Can I contact you directly?

Only on this page, and because it’s a free site we don’t have the resources to monitor this contact regularly, so much as we’d like to we can’t guarantee to get back to you quickly.