Etiquette, Usage & Terms

This is a free site and it relies on third parties to act appropriately when using it, this is better for everybody and it will create a great platform that everybody benefits from.

So here are the basic rules and requests of usage…

  1. Please keep your record/s updated. You’ll get an email every few months asking you to reconfirm all info. If you don’t your record/s will be suspended and the ability for teams to contact you will be withdrawn.
  2. Please respond quickly to requests for fixtures, ideally within 48 hours and no longer than 7 days. Other users get the chance to rank your club so it’s in your interests to be as timely as possible with correspondence.
  3. Please be really honest about all details, from ground, pitch & facilities to your playing standard.
  4. Please make sure all your responsibilities are taken care of from health & safety to any insurances etc.
  5. If you change any details especially contact/s please update asap.
  6. Please always try to avoid letting the opposition down on any fixtures and commitments you’ve made.
  7. If you can no longer play a fixture you’ve arranged please let the other team know urgently, preferably with an alternative option.
  8. You agree to receive quarterly newsletters and promotions from FixtureFixer on behalf of GoGroups.