Simple & it’s free! The clue’s in the name. With FixtureFixer you can arrange fixtures with other teams anywhere in the world. Use the site for posting details about your club and then contact other clubs to arrange future games. From your end all you need to do is revisit your listing every quarter to revalidate or refresh it. This will be sent in our quarterly newsletter and we’ll also be sending 1 promotional message a month.

Step 1. Register / Create An Account / Add Your Team

howitworks2Creating an account is easy. Just fill out and submit a team profile, provide as much info as possible.

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The better job you do and the more info you provide the better the team’s going to look and get approached, but don’t worry you can always come back and edit / upload new info and pictures later. Once submitted the system will send you a validation email which you’ll need to respond to.

(Our site is securely hosted and monitored. Phone numbers are kept private and emails and social contact details are only accessible by other registered club users – by the way if you ever feel like you’re getting spammed please let us know and we’ll investigate straightaway).


Step 2. Spread the word!

The more we can get out there the more teams will sign up so any help you can give us is appreciated and it starts with a social mention.

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Step 3. Start fixture fixing!

Start using the website, arrange great matches and touring opportunities for your team.

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Step 4. Have a great season!


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